History of the Compound

First Compound: 103rd Avenue & Oakmont opened July 1960 and was expanded two times to Alabama Avenue before moving.

Second Compound: NE corner of 103rd Avenue and Santa Fe Drive moved in May 1965.This compound was expanded three times before filling up.

Third Compound: Sunland Drive behind Sunland Memorial Park moved in May 1970. This compound had 735 spaces and was expanded three times right up to Sunland's fence.

Fourth (present) Compound: 114th Avenue south of Bell Road. Negotiations started in1981 with Del Webb Corp for 100 acres, we finally moved in 30 RV's between December 17 and December 22, 1984 as a trial run. On January 2 1985 the rest started coming. Everyone was in by January 15, 1985. In 1996 negotiations started to expand into 28 acres more which was done in 1997 to allow Sun City Grand to enter. In 2005 the last 12 acres was developed. Since this land was in the flood plain, it had to be built up and fill brought in to put it above the flood plain. The compound is now complete with 4,426 spaces--the world's best compound.