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Space Rental Fee Change

Effective October 1, 2024

Any changes to a space size

Uncovered space – $6.00/ Linear foot.

Covered space - 

$1,600.00 for a 45 foot space.

   $800.00 for a 30 foot space.

Refunds- (effective January 1, 2025)

First Quarter - $4.50/ Linear foot

Second Quarter - $3.00/ Linear foot

Third Quarter - $1.50/ Linear foot

Paving Feb 27


Ray Road paving is complete.  The road will reopen on 02/28/24 at 6am. 

On 03/04/24, the speed humps will be installed.

On 03/05/24 the speed humps will be painted.

Sorry for any inconvenience and We hope you enjoy the new road.

Annual Billing Reminders for 2024


2024 Annual billing reminder Late fees will apply starting January 1, 2024. 

The late fee is $10 per month.

Annual billing is only a courtesy reminder.  All leases state:

2. RENT: The Annual Rent is paid in advance and must be received by December 31 for the next annual calendar year Term, without notice or invoice to Occupant.

2023 Member account auditing

Starting January 1, 2023, all member accounts will be audited and digitized to ensure we are following the Bylaws, rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Directors. 

We will be looking for updated address, phone numbers, current vehicle registration, current vehicle insurance, Community Recreation Cards and a utility bill if not already in your file.  


There have been a lot of questions surrounding insurance for utility trailers.  While the vehicle you are towing the utility trailer with covers it while the two are connected, it does not cover it while it is not connected and sitting on SCRV Compound property.  (A comprehensive/collision policy costs approx. $1/ month)  We do not endorse any insurance companies.  Check your company for rates.


Business is picking up and our office hours are limited so an appointment is required.  The only exception is members dropping off updated information that has been requested.  If you make copies, it can be dropped off with the security guard.

Annual Members Meeting Update

The next Annual Members meeting is scheduled for February 27, 2024 @ 10:00 am.  It's held at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center Room A, 13800 W Deer Valley Dr. , Sun City West, AZ 85375

Miscellaneous News

ALL SCRV ID cardholders are required to present their ID card to security when you check in and out.

Do not move any of the yellow or blue concrete row markers.​

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