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Rules Governing the Use of the Storage Facility


1.  ACCESS/HOURS: You must STOP and present your SCRV Photo ID card to the guard at the security gates at the North entrance
                                 when you enter and exit the Compound.  


The hours are:

Compound:  6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day, year-round, unless otherwise posted. (Closed Christmas)

Office:         8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, unless otherwise posted.  (New Vehicle Registration 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.)


2.  APPROVED VEHICLES:     You may store the following types of vehicles in the Compound:

  • Motor homes: Class A, Class B, Class C (with or without the tow vehicle/car dolly) 

    • Must have holding tanks, sewer connection and shore power connection

  • 5th Wheel trailers (with or without the pull vehicle)

  • Travel trailers (with or without the pull vehicle)        •     Boats on trailers (with or without the pull vehicle)

  • Campers (on or off the truck)                                       •     Pickup Shells

  • Utility Trailers (with or without the pull vehicle)        •     Kayak/canoes on trailers


3.  QUALIFICATION:     To receive space assignment, you must provide the following:

  • Proof of residency within the boundaries of one of the “Aged Restricted Del Webb” Sun Cities (Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand, Sun City Festival and Corte Bella).  (A Community Recreation Card and annual lease if renting a residence)

  • Current registration, in your name, for vehicle to be stored. Certificate of title or a dealer bill of sale is satisfactory until you receive the actual registration, but we require current registration within 5 days thereafter.

  • Proof of insurance, in your name, for vehicle to be stored.

  • Your name, address, phone numbers and other contact information.

  • Any changes to your personal information or information about the vehicle or its lien holder must be reported promptly to the Compound office.

  • House Guests of Lessees:

    • Permanent:  A person who resides at the qualifying address with the homeowner and confirmed by driver’s license and/or Community Privilege/Recreation Card may be added to the account.  The Lessee must be present to add the guest, and only one house guest may be added per account.

    •  Temporary:  A person that is a guest in the qualifying residence on a temporary basis.  Pending availability in Temporary storage, guest may store their unit for 1 month.  Any storage time thereafter is at the discretion of the General Manager.  Must provide current registration and insurance for the unit being stored.  Lessee is responsible for the actions of the guest.  Guest must always be accompanied by the Lessee within the compound.

4.  SPACE ASSIGNMENT:    Space is assigned by the Compound staff to meet your needs.  Your storage fee is determined by the length of your space, in lineal feet, multiplied by the rate that is annually determined by the Compound Board of Directors.  A change of vehicle requires proof of ownership, measurement, processing fee and possible assignment of a new space. All vehicles must be registered with the office.  All lessees who request a change of space will be accessed a fee. Each account is limited to a maximum of FOUR spaces (a pull-thru is TWO spaces).


5.  USE OF SPACE:    A space can only be occupied by the vehicle assigned to it. Only ONE vehicle is allowed in each single space. The one exception is that a car dolly may be stored under a motor home when the car dolly is registered with the office. Pull-through spaces consist of TWO spaces and are primarily for the use of TWO vehicles that travel down the road together. Your vehicle must be parked in the center of the space using the white space number brick as your centerline with a one foot (1 ft.) clearance from the front and rear space lines.  Slide-outs must be closed and within your space markers.  You may not erect any structures on your space or store any items on the ground or under your vehicle or leaning against it. Any personal vehicles stored in your space in place of your registered vehicle for more than 14 days must be registered in your account and assigned a SCRV Unit ID Number.


6.    STORAGE RACKS:    Pickup shells and small boats may not be left on the ground; they must be stored in separate racks available for rent within the Compound; check with the office for assignment.


7.    FEES:     In addition to space rental, fees will be applied for the following:

  • New Account Activation ($50)                    •   Change Space ($15)     •   Misparked Fee ($15)

  • New Vehicle Processing ($40)                    •   Lost Photo ID  ($10)


8.  VEHICLE CONDITION:    Your stored vehicle must have current license tags and a SCRV Unit ID Number.  The SCRV Unit ID number (sticker) must be displayed on the driver’s side of your vehicle.  All vehicle/boat registration and insurance must be current and on file at the Compound office.  It is your responsibility to notify the office.  If your vehicle falls into a non-compliance status, additional documentation may be requested. In addition, your vehicle must be mobile at all times, that is, capable of being driven or towed out of the Compound.  The one exception is a pickup camper, which may be stored on jacks or blocks so that it clears the ground.  Vehicles and tarps must be kept in reasonably good condition, so that they present no danger to neighboring vehicles or their owners or litter the Compound.  Repairs necessary to comply with this rule MUST BE MADE PROMPTLY BY THE OWNER.  If, after 30 days notice the repair has not been made, the Compound will take further action, which may include termination of the storage lease agreement. No FOR SALE signs may be displayed on your stored vehicle.


9.  VEHICLE MAINTENANCE:    You may not change oil or any other automotive fluids anywhere in the Compound nor may you dispose of them in the Compound.  Disposal of oil, antifreeze and any other petroleum or toxic substance in drains, on the ground, in the trash dumpster or any other place not specially designated is a violation of Federal and State regulation and will be reported to regulators.  Violators of this rule are subject to immediate termination of their storage lease agreement, expulsion from the Compound and liability for fines imposed on the Compound due to the governmental violation.


10.  MAINTENANCE FACILITIES:     The compound provides (2) dump stations; (2) wash racks and (2) air and water stations onsite so that you can service your vehicle without having to leave the Compound.  The careless use of any of these facilities can damage your vehicle and injure you.  Please exercise caution and keen judgment when using them because you use them at your own risk. By agreeing to abide by these rules and your storage lease agreement, you indemnify and hold harmless the Compound from any damages or injury you suffer or cause others arising from your use of these stations.  This indemnification applies to any additional facilities that we may install in the future.


11. DUMP STATION:    The dump station is the only place you may dispose of gray and black water from vehicle holding tanks and disposal must be through a standard sewer hose.  Vehicle washing and maintenance is prohibited at the dump station.

WASH RACKS: Only wash vehicles at the wash rack. Please dry and wax them elsewhere to make way for others. Do NOT Park your vehicle in the wash rack while waiting for an outside contractor to arrive.

AIR AND WATER STATION:  Air and water is available for your use at no charge. These facilities must be used properly, and valves turned off when not in use. The Compound does not supply electrical outlets for your use.


12.  TRASH:    The Compound does not provide trash collection.  You must keep your space clean and free of trash and debris and other items.  This includes wheel covers, tarps, tie downs, etc.  Make sure your vehicle is secured when you leave to prevent parts of the vehicle or its contents from being blown from your space, possibly causing damage to other vehicles, and resulting in your liability.


13.  PHOTO ID CARD:    Duplication of the photo ID card issued by the Compound may result in termination of the storage lease and expulsion of person and property from the Compound. 


14.  NO COMMERCIAL USE:    The use of the compound is intended for the personal and recreational use and storage of recreational vehicles owned by the members. Members shall not use the Compound for any business or commercial use of their recreational vehicle(s) such as, but not limited to, the renting, or leasing of the recreational vehicle(s) to third parties or the selling of recreational vehicle(s) by members other than the casual sale of their personal recreational vehicle(s).


15.  PHOTOGRAPHY:    For security purposes, personal, commercial, and professional photography is prohibited within the Compound or on its perimeter. Photography for Insurance purposes must be cleared through the office.


16.  DRIVING IN THE COMPOUND:    The Compound speed is 5 mph. Your travel in the Compound will be directly to and from your assigned space(s) and the convenience areas only. Stay on designated roadways and convenience areas to avoid damage to space markers and to prevent collisions. Cutting through empty spaces is prohibited. Only street legal vehicles can be driven in the Compound.  ATV/UTV/motorcycles or off road vehicles may not be on/off loaded on compound property.


17.  OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS and GUESTS:     Outside contractors hired by lessee to maintain the stored property, as well as guests that are brought into the Compound by a lessee, shall abide by the RV Storage Lease and the Compound rules and regulations.

● Contractors will be required to register with the Compound and sign an indemnification in favor of the Compound before being permitted to work within the Compound grounds.

● Lessee is required to escort contractors and guests into the Compound, stay with the contractor or guest at all times and escort the contractor or guest out of the Compound when work is complete. Except, if the contractor is on the Current Outside Contractor list and was issued an SCRV ID card.  Lessee must inform security if leaving in separate vehicles.

● Lessee’s compound SCRV ID card and the Contractor/Guest driver’s license will be scanned/copied prior to entry onto the property.




18.  CONDUCT:    The Compound is a large area with many large vehicles moving through it at any one time.  Therefore, your compliance with these rules and the storage lease is crucial for your safety and that of others.  If you engage in any of the following conduct within the Compound, your storage lease may be terminated, and you may be expelled from the Compound:

  • Violation of these rules or the RV storage lease may result in your PID being confiscated and/or account terminated.

  • Failure to follow instructions of Compound employees and/or Security personnel         

  • Treat Compound employees and/or Security personnel rudely or abusively                    ●   Steal property

  • Interfere with the rights or the safety of other lessees                                                        ●   Injure any person                          

  •   Enter or disturb someone’s property without their permission                                        ● Excessive speed                          

  • Damage another lessee’s property                                                                                         ●   Reckless driving




January 1 – March 31                       Close account or *surrender space – (-$4/ ft)

April 1 – June 30                               Close account or *surrender space – (-$3/ ft)

July 1 – September 30                     Close account or *surrender space – (-$2/ ft)

October 1 – December 31                No refund


(If Annual bill for upcoming year has been paid)

November 1 – December 31           Close account or *surrender space – Full refund


If the member is expelled from the compound – No refund

All other cases (i.e., death, hardship) - at the General Manager’s discretion.  Surviving party must set up an appointment with the General Manager and provide death certificate, deceased member’s SCRV ID card, and legal documents.


*Surrender space includes transitioning to a smaller space from a larger space.

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