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Current job vacancies

Maintenance Associate

All maintenance Associates are responsible for maintaining the grounds in a clean and well-kept manner.

Inspects and repair fence gates for any damage and/or wear and assures all are in good working order.

Weed control.

Trim trees and brush.

Assure all drainage ditches are free of debris and storm water can flow freely.

Inspect and maintain all space and lane markers insuring visibility legibility.

Keep all road markings, curbs, posts etc. in good condition and painted.

Regularly clean asphalt area of gravel and debris.

Resurface gravel areas as needed.

Operates front load tractor for maintaining landscaping, grading parking areas and outside perimeter.

Maintains all equipment and buildings.

Services, maintains and repairs SCRV vehicles and equipment.

Performs all preventative maintenance and repairs including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, Carpentry, and cleaning on all buildings.

Coordinates with office staff.

Inspecting condition of parking spaces.

Assuring customers are parked correctly.

Coordinates with security personnel.

Assists with customer security issues.

Responds to and repairs if needed any lock and gates alarms.

Other issues as they arise.

Hours are Monday - Friday 8a-12p

If you are interested in applying for this position, email your interest/resume to:

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